Welcome to my world!  I wish to share some  insights in my creative process.  Inspiration can come from a conversation with  like-minded artists, a gallery opening, a painting hanging on a wall,  some dry flowers or even a fallen leaf.  Then there are the water lilies, the kois and gold fish in my pond.  Well…….50% were eaten by a family of racoons and we have tried so hard to keep them out.  They are very smart animals and totally unafraid of humans.  Our encounters are not always pleasant.   Racoons are wild and not cute and cuddly, so please stop feeding them.   Aside from painting, I also enjoy making art boxes.  I assure you that this is not a hand-craft, it’s a combination of foraging for materials, BIY (built it yourself), then apply paint to make an art box.   A lot of thoughts were put into the art boxes.  Sometimes,  a humble pencil can create wonders, easy to carry and very good practice in tones and values.

Please come and join me in my artistic journey.