At a young age, I was exposed to art and plein-air painting at school.  I still have vivid memories in the rose garden on bright sunny days where we were gathered and watch our teacher paint in oil.  Maybe this is the first impression making oil painting a favourite medium  choice.

Back in 1984 when I was a tourist visiting Canada and other parts of Canada, I instantly fell  in love with Canada.  In 1995, our family migrated to Canada.  In between those years, I graduated with a BA from Ottawa University and later on a MBA from Southern Illinois University. A change in  career path and family life-style, creative activities were put aside but never far from my heart.   Gradually, I started art courses at Langara College and attended numerous workshops with Joseph Wong, AFCA,  David Goatley, SFCA,  Chris Charlebois in oil painting and Danny Chen, AFCA in Chinese brush painting.  Trying to balance both work and art, I finally received my Advanced Certificate in  Painting from Emily Carr in February 2016.  Currently, I am preparing to submit my artwork in several artist submissions.