Work in Progress

May 1 to Oct 5 2017 – My initial thinking was to start off with something as simple as picking up a pencil and creating an art series became a long journey in self discovery.  After scratching the surface, reality set in quickly that a pencil has limitations. Only a small surface can be covered at a time and no big gestural drawings.  Several questions came to mind. Time to give up?  Waste of money and energy? Am I seriously able to finish the art series? I had invested in a stack of 22” x 30” paper and large-scale Stonehenge 38” x 50” plus packages of Staedtler pencils and lead.  The cost was not that much, was it? Put them aside and come back to them another time? You have got better things to do? Change the subject matter and start something new, something easy, something fast? After toying back and forth, I slowly realized that there is truth in the cliché “no pain, no gain”.   Procrastination is the easy way out, finding out excuses not to continue are easy.  I initiated the work and must finish them to fulfill a promise.  I am happy to report that my self discovery art journey brings much joy and creativity.  Have a look feel and free to share!