Roots Series

Su-Chen Wu and Teresa Chow

Uprooted-A Journey of Self Discovery

I have been working hard throughout this year to finish some paintings for this art exhibition at Place des Arts. The show is from November 16 to December 20, 2018. I feel privileged to have Su Chen with me on this journey. We are using traditional Chinese brush and ink in a series of artwork that encourages the viewer to explore the metaphoric and symbolic meanings of roots and driftwood in relation to the conditions and impact of immigrants in Canadian culture, ethics, economics and politics.

This exhibition narrates an immigrant’s departure from one’s roots and arrival in an adopted country. The immigration journey is a challenging one, it is a life time commitment and a process of self-discovery.

We embarked on this journey and discovered that the arrival in Canada was not as important as the experience of getting here. Even after arriving in Vancouver, the journey continues, and life in  British Columbia is the beginning of a new chapter.

A glimpse of what can be viewed is below.




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